Rutgers in China unveils today its new social presence and launches its brand new website

Beijing, People’s Republic of China – March 6th, 2012 – Based on 18 years of lecturing and graduating EMBA students in China, and enjoying a sound reputation in the Middle Kingdom, Rutgers Business School (RBS) in China unveils today its new social media (SM) platform and launches its brand new website.

To better interact with his “fans” and “followers”, Rutgers in China recently decided to centralize its social media accounts to avoid confusion among spread accounts and different names. RBS in China has also planned a stronger social presence in posting information, news, researches, podcasts, targeted press coverage, and events in a way to keep all its “followers” in the loop.

RBS in China has chosen some communication tools to communicate and exchange with its publics, e.g. social networks, blogs, online news forums, online community forums, online surveys, news feed, eNewsletters, electronic press room, smartphone application, search engines, podcasts, e-mail, as well as an “Alumni of the week” and a “Company of the month.”

“Our goal in going social is to establish a sound and long-term dialogue between Rutgers Business School in China and its different publics, to create a synergy with our alumni, and to improve our faculty’s international recognition” has mentioned Ms. Kelly Brantner, Executive Director, Asian Operations at Rutgers Business School in Asia. “We are really proud of what we have to offer to our students and alumni in terms of social network platform” she added.

Rutgers Business School in China seems to be the first foreign university to go social in China with such an extended social media, public relations, and marketing strategy.

Rutgers in China asks all its actual “fans” and “followers” to take a look at these official social networks that RBS has just set up:

Students, Professors, Netizens:


Rutgers in China launches its brand new website

Rutgers Business School in China also launches today a brand new version of its high-frequented website. Through its new look and colors, easy-to-use navigation, innovative features, vibrant images, and in-depth descriptions of Rutgers’ programmes, the website provides the knowledge-hungry netizens all the info they need to make the decision to enrol Rutgers’ programmes and about the business school.

RBS in China still works on a new outstanding web page/social network to be launched this spring.

About Rutgers Business School in China

Rutgers Business School (RBS) has been offering first-rate, graduate business instruction in China on a continuous basis since 1994, longer than any other American business schools. The quality of RBS’ International Part-Time EMBA program has been recognized in Financial Times, which cited it as being among the 10 best in the country. Classes are offered in both Beijing and Shanghai.

The unique design of the Rutgers International Part-Time EMBA Program allows students to work full-time and go to school in a very accommodating part-time Program. The program’s 18 courses are taught in English by Rutgers’ faculty from the United States. Courses can be taken exclusively in either Beijing or Shanghai, but may also be taken between the two campuses if necessary. Typically, there are more than 10 nationalities represented, making Rutgers the only program in China to offer this kind of diversity. 

About Rutgers Business School–Newark and New Brunswick

Rutgers Business School–Newark and New Brunswick was founded in 1929 as an undergraduate college. RBS expanded its offerings to include graduate programs in the early 1950s when MBA and MBA in Professional Accounting programs were added (the latter was the first of its kind in the United States). In 1978, a PhD in Management was created and the Executive MBA program was established in 1980. Today the Executive MBA program is offered in the United States, China (Beijing and Shanghai), and Singapore.

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