Dear Friends,

Our Peter Parks has left us.  He is finally at peace.  Here, at EMBA Headquarters, the light has gone out of our lives. 

Peter’s wife, Bonnie, informs me that a memorial  will be held at The Log Cabin, Rutgers Gardens, on April 15, from 11am. More details to follow.

Directions to Rutgers Garden:

Many of you have been asking how you can help.  During the last few months I was with Peter, he was most worried about his family; his wife, Bonnie, daughter, Monica and son, Daniel.  Therefore, a tax-exempt educational fund for the kids would be something that Peter would approve of.  If you would like to make a contribution, please mail it to Bonnie Parks, 17 Phyllis Pl., Milltown, NJ 08850 – 2138.

Peter was very instrumental in making Rutgers EMBA the Powerhouse that it is today with his amazing microeconomics course.  He created legions of dedicated followers.  He was a perfectionist par excellence.  He was quintessentially Good.  He was a dear, dear friend of mine; I will miss him every day.

Farrokh Langdana