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Almost everyone is guilty of playing the blame game. It’s satisfying and easy to do. If we despise our work, we can blame our manager or even our short-sighted organization for its inability to recognize our genius. If our personal lives are a disaster, we can blame our spouses, partners, the economy, or even our ancestors.

We all know on some level that we are pointing our fingers in the wrong direction, but we just can’t seem to help ourselves.

The No Excuse Guide to Success shows you how to abandon this unworkable routine and stop the destructive pattern of making excuses and blaming others–to stop whining and start winning.

The No Excuse Guide to Success gives you the tools and techniques you need to:

•           Make life-altering changes in how you approach your career and your life

•           Stop blaming others and start believing in yourself

•           Own your choices and break down self-created barriers to success

•           Embrace uncertainty and stop being afraid to win