Beijing Class of 2006

I originally started with Shanghai class and ended up finished with Beijing where I worked the previous year as the center manager of Plaza – by coincidence, Rutgers had their EMBA classes there. I was courteously invited to sit in some of the classes that I found overwhelming academic value along with most diversified network amongst Rutgers’ professors, existing students and alumni. I enrolled with Rutgers after I compared thoroughly the available EMBA programs in China then. It proved that’s the best decision I have ever made for changing my life – I founded my own sourcing company when I completed the 3rd course.

This week I would like to share with my fellow alumni how Rutgers EMBA had me fully equipped for my entrepreneurial arena. We all experienced those intensive courses within hectic time frame, I found I could apply what I’ve learned immediately onto my business. It certainly opened up my vision to identify the windows of opportunities and helped me in making the right strategic decisions. From providing sourcing services for foreign companies for products made in China to now sourcing on behalf of Chinese companies for products made in Western countries. I source from as big as aircrafts to as small as handicrafts. I must say that I enjoy all sourcing projects – some of those are co-operations with alumni, professors and their extended network.

Then the global financial crisis shrank the volume of sourcing activities worldwide – also thanks to the internet, more and more companies can deal with sourcing directly. I must add value to my services in order to keep my clients. Fortunately, what I learned from Rutgers enables me to provide extra consultancy services like product innovation, financial strategy, cost reduction on other business areas etc….. Once my client said that my advice worth a million dollars – LOL.

Nowadays, entrepreneurs must cope with the ever changing business environment. To be successful, one must identify the windows of opportunities a step ahead of others and define your business as broad as possible to capture those opportunities. Current I am pursuing LED lighting which I believe will overtake the traditional lighting, wide range of organic products using Lactobacilli (good bacteria), preventive pharmaceutical equipment, apparel in organic fabric and several financial deal making. I look forward to have more co-operations within our Rutgers family network.

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