My name is Zuly Winkler.  I am an alumnus from the 2004 Beijing Class.  Since I left China in 2004, and my former real estate job at the US Embassy -Beijing, I moved to the US, where I worked for Harvard Business School Managing Executive Education Programs, with a primary focus on CEO programs for Chinese Executives, and programs teaching the business case methodology for Chinese University professors.  

My husband’s work relocated us back to my home country of Colombia in 2007, during which time I worked for Colombia’s leading university, Universidad de Los Andes, where I managed their Chinese Language Institute “Confucio”, a partner Institute of the Chinese University of Tianjing.  Early last year, my husband’s work relocated us back to the US.  

We currently live in Philadelphia, where I am fully devoted to my 18-month old daughter Isabella.  She was long due after almost 10 years of marriage!  I am planning on going back to work in education early next year, although I am also open to business opportunities in town…

My contact information in Philadelphia is my phone number: 215-384-6132.