Beijing 2009

Stephane Prud’homme is a Senior International Consultant specialized in B2C Public Relations Global Strategy, ePR and eReputation, Crisis Management, and Int’l Business Development for 16+ years. He started in 2007 a strategic consulting and public relations agency with clients in Canada, Europe, and China; he is CEO and Senior Consultant at 180 degrés | public relations and business development since.

He is the author of “A Research Study on Spokesperson’s Credibility: An Understanding through the General Systems Theory”. He received the “Inspiration Award for Youth in Public Relations” in 2005 and won 4 other awards of excellence.

Mr. Prud’homme is now focussing on consultancy in electronic communication and eCommerce for foreign companies having operations in Asia.

To know more about his experience, visit or follow him on Twitter @stepru.