Rutgers Business School, Newark 2011

China!!! I am so excited to live “again” in a new country and explore new work opportunities.

But now it is different than before because I am a graduated student. I graduated last year, to be more precise a year and eight days ago, with a Bachelor degree in Accounting from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Also, I am carrying with me some years of experience in auditing and taxation fields, plus I lived in several countries in Europe and Asia and speak several languages.

I believe that by coming here, with my husband, I will have a greater opportunity to find a job in accounting or taxation, in special in a country where the economy grows at a different pace compared to the US. I have already learned that in China there is another way to find a job and that is through your “guanxi.” I’m keeping my fingers crossed and will continue to use my growing network, plus I will find different innovative ways to find an opportunity that utilizes my experience and Rutgers education. I also plan on continuing my volunteer work in a school for migrant children, my Chinese lessons and exploring my new home!

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