Beijing 2007 Program Graduate

Jeannine received her B.S. Finance from Rutgers and in 2006 & 2007 Jeannine embarked on a unique adventure… to travel back and forth from Newark to Beijing specifically to take the Rutgers International EMBA program!

Since her graduation and permanent return to Newark, Jeannine has been an active EMBA alumnus and is part of the Rutgers EMBA Alumni Group. From 2010 until present, she’s been the group’s treasurer and is responsible for maintaining Club finances and bank accounts; accept payments and make disbursements on behalf of the Club; and prepares the Club’s annual financial report and any other financial documentation required by the RUAA.

Jeannine currently works with the CEO and Founder of MPLanConsulting LLC. As a key member of the executive team that helps to identify potential deals for the company, she’s directly responsible for the overall management of the Company’s day-to-day operational aspects.

Jeannine is also an active member of the community and gives her time with Christian Approach to Urban Suburban Encounter. Here she organizes and directs efforts to involve volunteers in services including the food bank and charitable donations. She also maintains the communication plan between staff ensuring the best possible match between the organizational needs and the volunteers’ capabilities. She also has a financial role in the charity by developing, recommending and administering the budget plan allocations for the volunteer program.

You can connect with Jeannine via LinkedIn at