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The Economist Intelligence Unit analyses their varying stages of demographic development and the implications their expansion will have for several core sectors.

The rise and decline of great cities past was largely based on their ability to draw the ambitious and the restless from other places. China’s cities are on the rise. Their growth has been fuelled both by the large-scale internal migration of those seeking better lives and by government initiatives encouraging the expansion of urban areas. The government hopes that the swelling urban populace will spend more in a more highly concentrated retail environment, thereby helping to rebalance the Chinese economy towards private consumption.

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Why Protectionism Doesn’t Equal Patriotism – By Justin Knapp (Class of Beijing 2012)

Why Protectionism Doesn’t Equal Patriotism – By Justin Knapp (Class of Beijing 2012)

Protectionist political sentiment in the United States reflects a misunderstanding of conditions in China and limits economic benefits for both countries.

79 Chinese companies listed on Fortune 500 — China has exceeded Japan to be the country with the second largest number of Fortune Global 500 companies.



Wayne Y. Hua is a Senior Vice President and Head of Advisory Sales, China at Treasury & Markets for DBS Bank China. He joined DBS in 2007 when the bank set up its local subsidiary in China and became one of the five foreign banks on the first batch approved list for local incorporation by CBRC. He oversees all the treasury and derivative products sales with the bank’s corporate customers in China, which proves to be one of the fast growing businesses in China and the regions.

Wayne has 20+ years of experience and insights in the global financial industry and held various positions in China, New York and Hong Kong as a senior currency trader, senior sales, treasury manager, investment consultant with the financial institutions e.g. Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Credit Lyonnais Rouse and First Sino Bank.

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MBA Topics: Human Resources — How to Give Employees Independence Without Losing Control.

Is your salary fair enough?

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Why are some countries growing rapidly while others’ stagnate?

A world of difference, why are some countries growing rapidly while others’ stagnate?

Interview with Professor Frank McIntyre in the Business Tianjin Magazine